Welcome to Canyon Creek

We are a church family on mission to empower people to pursue their call in Christ. This simply means we want people to grow in their relationship with God. Empowered by our experience with Jesus we desire to experience God's love, his delight in us, and sharing that love with one another. We are pursuing what it means to live generously, worship restlessly, and enjoy the freedom we have in Christ.  We look forward to meeting  you.

"Empower People to Pursue Their Call in Christ"

A foundational belief for any Christian church is its view of the Bible. Some churches view the Bible as merely man's words about God. Other churches, including Canyon Creek, believe that the Bible is God's word to man and therefore, is our only infallible rule of faith and practice. When we meet as a congregation, we are always asking, "What does God's word say and how must we adjust our lives to be in harmony with it?" We believe that the Bible is the truth.

The central truth of God in the Bible is this: we, as human beings, have repeatedly transgressed God's standards. We willfully disobey God and as a result, we are spiritually separated from Him. There is a consequence of this spiritual separation: spiritual death and eternal separation from God. The amazing news of the Bible is that God has made it possible for us to be pardoned from these consequences of our transgressions. God offers us the gift of forgiveness if we believe that Jesus Christ died in our place. We believe that we justly deserve God's displeasure and the punishment of spiritual death, but that we are saved by our faith in Jesus Christ, the Savior of sinners.

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