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Part 3 | Singing the Song of Personal Lament
Psalm Songs
Scripture Reading: Psalm 42

This Psalm is one of Personal Lament. The first line, "As the deer pants for the water" pictures a deer's great thirst; just like our souls can thirst for help from God.  The writer's depression and frustrated complaint is spoken, but his expression of pain turns to faith when he pauses to reflect on this great question, "Why are you cast down my soul?  Why are you in turmoil within me?"  This Sunday we will look at this Psalm Song to identify some of the causes of spiritual depression as well as what can be the cure.

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Prayer for ukraine

Since 1995, our denomination has been involved in planting churches in Ukraine, and God has been faithful to grow 15 churches and church plants to-date. These believers have been through two revolutions and are now facing invasion. Mission to the World is going to continue its efforts to sustain and grow these churches through the crisis.  We will be with the churches of Ukraine to provide aid and resources to the believers and the community.
Join with us in praying and supporting the ministry in Ukraine.

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