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Welcome to Canyon Creek

We are a church family on mission to empower people to pursue their call in Christ. This simply means we want people to grow in their relationship with God. Empowered by our experience with Jesus we desire to experience God's love, his delight in us, and sharing that love with one another. We are pursuing what it means to live generously, worship restlessly, and enjoy the freedom we have in Christ.  We look forward to meeting you.

Our Mission.

"Empower People to Pursue Their Call in Christ" encapsulates Canyon Creek’s dedication to nurturing and equipping individuals to discern and live out their unique calling within the body of Christ. We believe that every believer is blessed with gifts, talents, and purpose that contributes to the broader mission of God's kingdom. Our commitment is to provide a supportive and enriching environment where members can discover their God-given callings through prayer, Scripture, and community involvement.
Through discipleship, teaching, and ministry opportunities, we aim to empower each person to step into their roles with confidence and faithfulness as guided by the Holy Spirit, serving both within the church and in the world, to the glory of God and for the advancement of the Gospel. This mission reflects our deep conviction that every follower of Christ is called to participate in the redemptive work of God, using their unique gifts and passions in service to others and in witness to the saving grace of Jesus Christ.


Gospel Centric: At the heart of our church is the Gospel, the good news of Jesus Christ's life, death, and resurrection. We believe that the Gospel is not just the entry point into the Christian faith but the foundation upon which all aspects of our life and community are built. Being Gospel-centric means our preaching, teaching, and ministry are all driven by the transformative power of the Gospel, which reconciles us to God and to one another, bringing about renewal and hope in our lives and in the world around us.

Multi-generational: We recognize the strength and wisdom that comes from a multi-generational congregation. Our church intentionally fosters relationships and interactions across different age groups, believing that every generation has unique gifts and perspectives to contribute. From the youngest to the oldest, we are committed to nurturing a community where every member is honored, supported, and equipped to grow in their faith journey.

Quality: We believe that excellence honors God and inspires people. In all that we do, from our worship services to our ministry programs and community outreach, we strive for quality. This commitment to excellence reflects our desire to offer our best to God and to provide a welcoming and engaging community for all who come to our church.

Discipleship: Discipleship is central to our mission, as we aim to follow Jesus's command to make disciples of all nations. We are dedicated to the process of helping believers grow in their knowledge of God, their love for Him and others, and their commitment to obeying His commands. Through intentional teaching, mentoring, and community life, we strive to equip every member to live out their faith authentically and to disciple others in their walk with Christ.

Multi-cultural: Our church embraces diversity, reflecting the kingdom of God that transcends cultural, ethnic, and national boundaries. We are committed to being a multi-cultural community where individuals from all backgrounds are welcomed, valued, and integrated into the life of the church. This commitment to multi-culturalism not only enriches our worship and fellowship but also demonstrates the reconciling power of the Gospel to break down walls of division and unite us in Christ.

Covenant Family: We view our church not just as an organization but as a covenant family, bound together by the grace of God. In this spiritual family, relationships are marked by love, care, accountability, and mutual support. We are committed to living out the "one another" commands of Scripture, sharing in each other's joys and burdens, and fostering a sense of belonging and unity within our church community.

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Connect with us.

We'd love to hear from you. Fill out the form below to get started.