This Spring, Canyon Creek will be diving into the Sermon on the Mount, looking at Jesus' teachings on topics such as anger, anxiousness, and the value of God's words. This study will offer positive challenge as Jesus addresses key heart issues with his listeners, which can also translate to us in many respects. We will also have an opportunity for refining as we open ourselves up to learning and growing in the way of Jesus as he perfectly modeled for us what a life of righteousness looks like.

Along the Sunday Services we will be hosting Bible Studies throughout the San Ramon Valley. Some meet in backyards, some meet virtually online, and we are ready to form new groups all the time. If you are interested in joining a life group please do so --here--.  We will be posting the Bible study lessons on this page so feel free to join a Life Group or if you would like you can go through them on your own. 
Part 1: The Beatitudes
Participant Guide

Part 2: Salt and Light
Participant Guide

Part 3: Anger Issues
Participant Guide

Part 4: Covenant Promises
Participant Guide

Part 5: Love Your Enemies

Part 6: Mercy for the Poor

Part 7: The Lord's Prayer

Part 8: Treasures in Heaven

Part 9: Do Not Be Anxious

Part 10: Judging Others

Part 11: The Narrow Gate

Part 12: The House on the Rock