It isn't easy right now navigating church life, professional life, and family life. We want to help in anyway we can to make this more straightforward and simple. We are called to follow Jesus in all seasons, to seek after him in worship, fellowship, and ministry. Here are some ways you can connect and grow during this time:


Join us each Sunday. We would highly encourage everyone to join us in person or online every Sunday, whether at home or on vacation. It is so vital that we are able to connect with one another as a community and organize ourselves to live out our mission throughout the week. Sunday is where we reorient ourselves to the cross and one another.
Begin the day with Christ. We are gathering together as the church each weekday morning to virtually fellowship, pray, and engage with God's word. It is a wonderful time to begin the day centered on Christ and connecting with one another. If this is not something you can join then find a time each day to get away and connect with Christ through prayer and His written word. Please, note that you can watch the devotional any time after 8:00 AM if you can't make the live viewing.


Draw closer to one another in life groups. We emphasize this practice weekly Pre-Covid and we do so even more now than ever. We used to say "Every Sunday is a good Sunday to join a Life Group." Now we say "Everyday is a good day to join a Life Group." It doesn't have to be a Life Group although you can sign up for one here. Find a group of brothers and/or sisters of the faith to share your heart, to serve, to pray, and to study together. It is vital more than ever to build lasting relationships centered on Christ and focused on glorifying and enjoying Him forever.  
Sign up for our Informational Emails. We send out two emails a week (Friday and Sunday). The Sunday Spotlight email is on Friday preparing you for the worship experience on Sunday. Our Sunday Currents email gives you all the information you need to get involved at Canyon Creek.
Let us pray. We would love to be praying for the needs and wants of people around the world, and the people in our church community. Please share with us your prayer concerns and needs. You can ask for our prayer team to pray over these concerns or if you would like privacy then just indicate that the prayer request is for Pastors only.

Also if you would like to join the prayer team you can do so here. 


Serve the church by jumping into one of our ministry areas. There are still many different ways to serve in the church community. We would love for you to connect with any of our ministry leaders or pay attention to the opportunities as we present them in our email blasts and the stage on Sundays.
Build up the church through serving and offering. Another vital way you can serve the church during this time is through your finances. It is an especially important time for us to do the gospel ministry as a staff and the church partners we support. Please continue to remember your church.