Love Is [Is Not] - Part 4 | Love Does Not Envy

Nov 13, 2022    Zakk Uhler

Envy: “Love Does Not Envy.” Envy comes from the root word, “to seethe”. A person filled with envy is one who sees the superior aspects of another’s success or achievement and feels pain rather than appreciation and goodwill. In 3:3 Paul tells the Corinthians that their “jealousy and quarreling/strife” is the cause of the divisions among them; this is a mark of the “flesh” not of those led by the love of God. The Corinthians (and we today) grew up in a status-seeking culture and this carried over into the church; but this attitude is incompatible with “agape/love” which does not begrudge the honor given to another but rather delights in the building up of another. This Sunday, Zakk will teach the ancient story of King Saul and a young David to see the insidious hooks of envy play out and where we can find redemption for our own envious hearts.